What is our policy on Open Science and how do we work with independent researchers?

We are fully committed to Open Science. We will publish the results from all our trials and we support the publication of all results from independent studies that use our psilocybin.

We supply our synthesised psilocybin free of charge to research studies that have the potential to transform patient care and improve outcomes in disorders of high unmet need. Regardless of results, we encourage the open publication of all study data.

If an independent academic study using our psilocybin produces results with the potential to improve mental health care, we look at taking this research from the lab through regulated clinical trials, to make it available to patients. The basis on which we do this varies from institution to institution. We value our collaborations with researchers and academic institutions, and work in close partnership with them - providing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) psilocybin, offering support with regulatory submissions, and ultimately, we hope, bringing innovation to patients.