Nate Poulsen

General Counsel and Vice President of Legal, Intellectual Property, and Licensing

Nate focuses on global legal and IP strategy and initiatives.

Nate has more than 20 years of experience working in pharmaceuticals, combining science, business, and law. Nate has undergraduate degrees in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. As a student, Nate worked with Dr. Alexander Shulgin, and was an American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics student fellow, researching amphetamine neurotoxicology with the acting director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Nate began his graduate work at Columbia University, where he studied under Dr David Sulzer, a leader in the field of neurotransmitter release and reuptake. He transitioned from research to business, earning his MBA from Cornell University’s Johnson School of Management.

Prior to beginning his legal career in 2006, Nate worked as a medicinal chemist for NPS Pharmaceuticals and as a researcher in the Department of Neurology at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. He also consulted on strategy in the medical device and consumer healthcare industries.

Prior to joining COMPASS, Nate was a lawyer with Cooley LLP, where he represented and counselled clients on a wide variety of legal issues. While in private practice, he leveraged his diverse experience and education to develop and implement practical, efficient strategies for protecting, defending, and monetising innovations. Nate is also a registered patent attorney, with more than a decade of experience in portfolio development, lifecycle management, and US and international IP law.

The opportunity to join Compass was the natural next step for me on a journey that started in 1999, when I first met Dr. Alexander Shulgin as part of an undergraduate research project. I never would have dreamed that, just 20 years later, I’d have the opportunity to help bring psychedelic innovations to the mental health field.