Aslihan Selimbeyoglu

Research Scientist

Aslihan focuses on the design and management of preclinical studies, technology, and market access.

Aslihan is a neuroscientist and molecular biologist by training. She served in academia for nearly a decade. Upon finishing her master’s degree in human decision-making, she was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study epilepsy at Stanford Hospital. Subsequently, she joined the Stanford University neuroscience PhD program as Howard Hughes fellow, where she focused on the treatment of mental disorders. She specifically worked towards developing novel therapies for depression and autism, by utilising cutting-edge circuit level interventions. Aslihan later joined McKinsey and Company as a management consultant, and supported clients with strategy and business development. She served in biotechnology, banking, and energy industries.

At COMPASS, Aslihan is leveraging her academic and business experience to support the R&D and market access teams.

COMPASS synthesises ancient human experiential knowledge with cutting-edge scientific expertise to develop novel paradigms for mental health care. Making effective and evidence-based care accessible is a true passion. I am utterly excited to be a part of this dynamic, visionary, and enthusiastic team!