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Tim Ferriss just helped launch the world’s first research center dedicated to turning psychedelics into medicines

Business Insider article about the world’s first research centre dedicated to turning psychedelics into medicines, where scientists will explore the drugs’ potential to treat mental illnesses like depression

Mushrooms emerge from underground

“Magic mushrooms show promise to treat depression and anxiety–and major academic institutions and Silicon Valley are stepping up research and investment. The wellness travel space, in very creative ways, is moving from experiential to truly emotional and transformative travel”

‘Magic mushroom’ drug lifts depression in first human trial

An Imperial College London proof of concept study on psilocybin for treatment resistant depression has interesting results. The hallucinogenic drug derived from magic mushrooms could be useful in treating depression, the first safety study of this approach has concluded.

How magic mushrooms could treat depression

Treating depression is a major challenge, since among the millions of people affected worldwide, only one in five tends to respond well to antidepressants. Now, there’s a new, albeit controversial, approach being considered by scientists.